Crash Mullins’ Pro. Musky Guide Service


Crash’s knowledge of Muskie in these Southern waters here at Cave Run Lake for over 30 years, has earned him his reputation. His experience and unique perspective of these native Muskie waters are what you want when hiring a professional guide. Crash’s goal, as well as our full Pro-Staff of Guides here at Crash’s Landing, will teach you how to fish for the elusive Southern Musky so that when you return home, and are out there on your own you will have the information required to be a True Musky Hunter. The fishing tactics passed on to you by CRASH MULLINS’ Pro. Guide Service will be of great benefit regardless of which Musky waters you choose to fish. We have always prided ourselves in the art of teaching “HOW TO” fish rather than competing with the client for the big catch. You will learn about seasonal fishing patterns, choosing the proper lure depending on water conditions, and how to work the lure properly. Learning when to use a stiff, short rod or a longer more flexible one. Why you use leaders, when to use them and when not to. How to properly fish standing timber, weed beds, sand flats, etc. Again, our goal as Outfitters & Musky Guide Post is to share our knowledge so that you may experience the thrill of a lifetime by catching one the Cave’s Muskellunge.

Here is what expect from YOUR DAY ON THE WATER

Your guide day begins at Crash’s Landing, Outfitters & Muskie Guide Post where you and your guide will get acquainted and go over the Muskie plan for the day. Your guide will provide your transportation, boat, tackle, rods, and reels; but you are welcome to bring your own gear if you’d like. You will be responsible for your own rain gear, polarized sunglasses….it is customary, although not required, that you provide lunch for your guide as well. You will be on the lake for roughly 8 hours, having the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery and a fast ride while your guide locates your Muskellunge. With his depth gauge and knowledge of the lake, he’ll find the hot spots that should yield the best catch conditions. With your rod and reel readied, your hooks sharpened and advice given as to depth of water and what type of lake bottom is present, you’re ready to fish. With a bit of luck and skill, you’ll be able to boat a Muskie, and by the end of the day, your mind should be full of fishing tactics learned that day, such as what types of baits to use, how to work the baits properly, what depths of water to look for and the right kinds of equipment, etc. We feel sure that you will enjoy your day with CRASH MULLINS’ Pro. GUIDE SERVICE. You will have a chance to get any last minute items from our complete tackle shop, including snacks, soft drinks . You can grab a hot cup of coffee to get you going.

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For more information & details about what your fishing experience will be with us, what we provide, and what we recommend that you bring with you, visit our Guide Services.